Alternative Things To Do on Holidays

Perhaps you’re tired of doing the same thing every year or would just like to try something new, Or maybe you and some family or your usual bunch have had a falling out or need a break.  Whatever the reason, it’s ok to try something different, or mix it up once in a while.  Below are some ideas to spend the holidays besides Netflix and chill:

Go on a Trip

Why not squeeze in some travel time?  If you’ve got days to spare, why not go out, use those gams, and get some fresh air?  Be refreshed and reduce your stress while you’re at it.  Your internal organs will thank you for it.

  • Camp (or glamp) Out

Hike a mountain, take a dip or just walk by the beach.  Pitch a tent or try one of those glamp vans, containers or huts and spend the night.  Or simply spend hours lying on a hammock before heading back to the city.  Whichever you pick, you’d surely reduce your stress and come back refreshed.

Head to the nearest beach.

  • Retreat

It’s a little different from a vacation/staycation as this may or may not be strictly downtime.  There are places that offer silent retreats, counselling or therapy for whatever you want to work on in your life i.e. relationship/s, character, etc.  It can be part of your self-care.

  • Volunteer

Spend time with those who need help.  A number of organizations have annual projects leading up to some major holidays e.g. soup kitchens, gift giving, disaster relief operations and other drives aimed at helping the community.  You may choose from any of the existing ones, or start your own with other like-minded individuals.  Not only will you make others happy, you’ll be happier or feel lighter knowing you’ve brought a smile to someone else who most probably needs it.

  • Pay a visit

It could be a family or friend you haven’t seen in a long time, or people who will be glad to have a visitor this time of the year i.e. the abandoned children/elderly.

Stay In

There’s plenty you can do without leaving the house or the city.  Below are a few ideas:

  • Clean up

If your house has gathered dust throughout the busy year, perhaps this is the time to give it some much needed TLC.  You’d surely feel lighter or have a clearer head after decluttering.

  • Be a host

You can have people over and cook meal/s for them, if you’re feeling extra.  Or do potluck for sharing.  Have a party at home or outside, have it themed or not.  Keep or lose the gift-giving.  Have it the way you and your gang wants it.

  • Catch up

On your reading, with your friends, family, planning time or even work/passion project/s.  I know I need to.

  • Burn up (some calories)

Start working on your fitness the way you define it and hit the gym or your choice of exercise.  Training is always a good idea.

  • Learn something new

Perhaps you’ve been itching to try pilates or take that cooking lesson but never quite got to pencil it in?  Or you’ve got an invitation to something you’d never try just by yourself.  Holidays are the best times to give in to your curiosities as most shops or establishments offer big discounts or packages especially to first-timers.

Firing lesson, anyone?
  • Give up (donate)

We tend to acquire more stuff than we need throughout the year; some gifted by others, some bought on a whim, in excess, etc.  Why not take the time to dispose or give up things you don’t need anymore (or never did)?  Not only will you have more space in the house, you will have made someone else happy.

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